Saturday, August 18, 2012

cStar Limited Dahlia skin

A new skin from cStar Limited and not even released yet, as of this posting!  The amazing, mysterious cStar Dahlia skin in Obsidian tone.  Dahlia will eventually be released in an amazing array of shades: 41 skin tones in total! Perhaps nobody does it like cStar does.  Always keeping us guessing, never knowing what is next, and always showing a fresh vision of female beauty and glamour. I love Dahlia skin! The eyebrows are a beautiful metallic teal, and this skin comes with limited edition teal eyelashes (shown) and dark eyes (not shown). The first array of Dahlia skin tones presented will be available at Zombie Popcorn Brand starting Saturday, August 18th.  Following this initial release, you will find more Dahlia in cStar Limited store in the future.  Each tone will be very limited, even more than normal. You must be on the ball and visit cStar Limited often to keep abreast of the current tones being released!  Thank you, cStar... for bringing excitement, beauty and mystery to the skin world!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

cStar Limited - Hope Skin for Pink Ribbon Fair

cStar Limited - Hope Skin for Pink Ribbon Fair
Pink Ribbon Fair LM is available inside the demo at cStar HQ This tone in the pic will have 100% of proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society. Show your support today!