Thursday, May 6, 2010

CStar #1 Most Popular Skin Store in SL!

CStar Skins Main Store

CStar hits the Top Charts as #1 under the keyword search for: Skin - In Secodlife!

Not only did CStar hit as a #1 skin store, you can see the #2 skin sim is actually the 2010 Skin Fair. Hmm, maybe they might want to ask me to have my skins in their next skin fair for 2011 because Here Comes CSTAR!

CStar Would not be #1 if it wasn't for all of the amazing fans of CStar visiting and working so hard to win Miss May Brazil's new Free Skins and Shape! I thank you all for being a part of CStar's Family and making CStar your #1 Most Popular Skin Store!

I wonder what happens when Miss June comes out 0_0. We might have to warn Secondlife ahead of time in case you all break SL lol!

CStar Skins Main Store

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