Friday, December 24, 2010

cStar is Temporarily Closing

Temporary! Not forever, just for a couple of months for reconstruction of the store and products. I want to be sure I can create a new system that makes it less stressful on myself as well as more enjoyable and pleasing for you as the customer.

A little personal info about myself, I've become quite worked out and stressed with the business of my company. The most stressful part was uploading every texture for the skins, twice because of demo's, making the ad boards, setting permissions to each item, putting them up for sale, making sure its at the right price, then promoting it. Truthfully, this can take any builder in SL up to more than 5-6 hours to do for one product.

I got myself overwhelmed and pretty OCD with SL and the routine of things that my mind and body just kinda shut down this month. I stopped logging in as much to SL, only to check messages and log right back off. Then something happened, I realized "oh wow what's this?" I go out to the balcony of my apartment and step outside, "a cold breeze flowing through my hair? And it's not flexi or frozen like a sculpty." My eyes opened up and I looked over to the distance out in the fielded canyon (yes my backyard is a canyon), "Wow, I forgot what Real Life was! And this is how it feels." I realized that no matter how beautiful of a location you visit in SL, there's something about that you JUST CAN'T build, create or mimic - and that's a real breeze flowing through your face and hair giving you a certain feeling of softness, joy and comfort.

Well, there you have it folks. Real Life grabbed me by the heart and pulled me away from SL! And hey, its Christmas outside right now. You have worked HARD yourself in SL as a builder, model, employee, writer, photographer, whatever your job may be. Other's behind the computer may not be able to see right through your computer screen to see the sweat, blood and tears that have come over you on your hard work, but YOU know! You deserve to give yourself a treat such as this. Go ahead and step outside, close your eyes and relax those arms and hands. Lift up your chin and feel that WONDERFUL winter breeze flowing past your skin and hair. Never forget that you too have a Real Life and no matter WHAT, 1st life should ALWAYS be a priority over 2nd Life.

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy this Holiday season, don't ignore it. Even if you are all alone this year, Spend it with the most important person in the world! YOU!

-Unico Solo


  1. Loved the way you talked about the REAL LIFE:..Nothing is as good as rl ! it can never be duplicated or replaced..just as you said :) ! I had the same realisation not long time ago...:) all the luck to you xoxoxo

  2. Thanks Melina :) Have a wonderful xmas!