Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hell's Gatekeeper

Hello! This will be a short post, but I had to do something for the latest gatcha/lucky board/MM skin from cStar. Miss Scorpio comes in 38 tones, and there are two versions to win of each tone! You can win either a version with the blood & teeth, shown in this post - or a version with no blood or teeth (which I'll try to blog separately later on) That is a total of 76 skins that can be won!!! They are transfer, of course, and each skin has three cleavage options. You can get these skins in four ways: First, there is the gatcha. The price starts at 10L$, but it goes up 1L$ each day. Both the bloody and non-bloody versions are in the gatcha. As of right now (11/3) it's at 20L$. Second, there are two Midnight Mania boards up with a 200 person limit each. A new tone, in alphabetical order, is put on these boards every day, HOWEVER, they are the bloody skins only. Third, there is the Platinum member's lucky board. This group has a 1,000L$ join fee, but the LB changes every minute, and both versions of each skin is in it. And finally, you can get the skins on the various skin seller platforms, for various prices!
Now, let me say a few things about the skin itself. It's absolutely the best gory/special FX skin I've had the pleasure of owning in SL. The blood is gorgeously glossy and perfectly grotesque. The makeup on the skin has a little bit of a high-fashion feel to it, for me anyway. I especially love the tiny little teeth on the lips. I LOVE this skin, and it's bound to join many others as one of cStar's most iconic skins.

Well, that's it for now, see y'all next time!

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